16 Jun 2012

Coming Next Week...

Phew. Been a busy week. Work, work, more work, looking after my new flatmates - Mik and Ash, who will be getting their own little section on the site soon enough - running in the morning, working on my upper body in the evening, and trying to fit some reading and writing somewhere inbetween. Sometimes I wonder how other writers with full-time jobs even manage to have a life.

Anyway, onto next week. As I mention, my two little buddies, Mik and Ash, are gonna be getting their own page with pictures and videos so you can watch the two little critters grow and play. They're getting along nicely... well, as long as porridge oats aren't involved. Mik, who is usually the quieter one, goes absolutely berserk for porridge oats and refuses to let Ash near them. I've taken to hand-feeding Ash his oats so they don't have to fight over them.

Secondly, watch this space for news of my funeral. Why? Because week 3, day 2 of the C25k program was hard enough, but I just had a quick peek at the week 4 schedule, and it is literally gonna kill me. Today was jog 90s, walk 90s, jog 3min, walk 3min, jog 90s, walk 90s, jog 3min, walk 3min. Week 4 is jog 3mins, walk 90s, jog 5mins, walk 2.5mins, jog 3mins, walk 90s, jog 5mins. That's a pretty big step-up in my opinion. On a more positive note, my calves are looking damn sexy right now. May have to start breaking out the running shorts on a morning.

And finally, onto something more authory. Is that even a word? If not, it is now! Remember how I wrote that short story as part of the Love is Always Write events for the M/M Romance group over on GoodReads? No, well maybe this'll jog your memory.

I see some nodding heads out in the crowd. Well, Jacinto's Voyage will be out some time in the next week. Can't give away the exact date yet, but expect to see a few tweets and FaceBook posts when it goes up. I'll be doing the formatting on it this weekend and posting it on a few ebook sites so you can take your pick of format and download it for FREE. Capitals make the FREE bit stand out, right?

This is my first short, and my first sci-fi piece, and my first story written in third-person so I'm a little nervous. But hey, I won't know if I don't try, and I won't learn if I try to shield myself from criticism. Besides, Kaje and Patti have said they liked it.

Well, I've got a few errands to do, and I could really use a shower after that run. Until next times folks!


Patricia Lynne said...

.... I hate you and you know why. lol

Daniel A. Kaine said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, Patti.

Patricia Lynne said...

I think you do. I think you did it on purpose and were waiting for me to see. =| Brat.

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