2 Dec 2012

Sunday Teaser: An Excerpt of 'Dispossessed'

Been a while since I did my last blog post. It's been a busy month, what with the death in the family, followed by GayRomLit and then NaNoWriMo. Now December is here, and soon it'll be Christmas.

(If you haven't read my post about GRL, you can check it out over on the Chicks & Dicks site.)

So, NaNoWriMo is over, and I finished with a respectable 53,525 words. I had some great fun with the guys in my local area. We did a sponsored 24 hour write-in event, raising money for a local charity that delivers blood on motorbikes to where it's needed. Not sure what the total amount of donations were, but we wrote a combined 130k words between us during that time. Awesome effort, guys.

I finally finished the book last night, minus a few little details I need to expand on, at 55,565 words. Since then I've been busy editing my ass off so I can get it out to betas some time this month. I'm really excited about this book because it'll be the first story I actually submit to a publisher. Talk about terrifying! Luckily I've got plenty of people behind me, supporting me along the way. Their encouragement means so much to me. You guys know who you are. Thanks so much for keeping me going.

Anyway, to the point of this post. I'm going to post the first chapter of my NaNo novel, 'Dispossessed'. It's a blend of young adult, urban fantasy, and M/M romance. Hope you enjoy it!

To view the excerpt, follow the link below to my Facebook page where it's posted.

Dispossessed - Chapter 1



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