29 May 2013

Hump-day Hotties: Literary Lover #3

Well, it's the last hump-day in May, so that means we'll be saying goodbye to the hot guys reading. But don't worry, because there will be plenty more eye candy next month. Wondering what theme I'll be going with? Hmmm, well I suppose I could tell you.

And to think I almost said that without smiling. I guess those of you who know me already saw that coming though. Bwahahaaaa.

Now, time to distract you from my evilness with a lovely hot man. Just look at the muscles on him. Wonder what he's doing on the balcony wearing skimpy underwear. Maybe he's just an exhibitionist and wants people to gawk at him from across the street. What a tease!

If I ever own a pool, this is what I want my pool guy to look like!


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