15 May 2013

Hump-day Hotties: Literary Lovers #1

Well, here we are again... Wednesday, aka hump-day. Time to introduce my newest blog feature, Hump-day Hotties! The title should be pretty self-explanatory, but here's the rundown. Every Wednesday at 00:00 GMT I'll be posting a mouth-watering pic to get your saliva, and other creative juices, flowing. We all need a bit of a pick-me-up by the middle of the week, and I sure wouldn't mind letting these guys pick me up, if you catch my drift ;)

But also, each month I'm going to be running a specific theme. For May, I've decided to go with Literary Lovers! I think we can all agree we love hot guys, right? And books, too. Combining the two... Well, let's see what happens.

So without further ado, meet Literary Lover #1. Just look at those lovely firm biceps and shoulders. Now, if we could just change the angle a little so we can see what else bulges too.

hot guy reading
Reading makes a guy so much sexier.


Aniko Laczko said...

I agree with the "Reading makes a guy so much sexier", too!

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