5 Jun 2013

Hump-day Hotties: Delicious Duo #1

Hey people, June is here! Not only does that mean I have an awesome new job, but it's also the start of Summer, and England has yet to disappoint. We've had some clear skies, light breezes and a nice bit of sun... but not too much because we're all pale as ghosts here and will burn the second the temperature goes above 20 degrees.

So, with that in mind, let's turn up the heat and get right on with some more Hump-day Hotties. This months theme is Delicious Duos. That's right... twice the smexy each Wednesday!

And how's that for a starter? Looks like the guy on the left is enjoying himself. Either that, or he's been blessed. If only I could watch the rest of this scene unfold. *sighs* I'm imagining something like this in a paranormal romance... maybe some shapeshifters making out before heading off into the woods for a hunt.


Aniko Laczko said...

You can watch the rest of the scene. Kind of. It's Paul Francis and Levi Poulter from a shoot for Beautiful Mag.

Daniel A. Kaine said...

Not the same. It needs to be a full-length porn video! :D

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