25 Jul 2013

UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet 2013 - Manchester

Hi everyone. Apologies about the lack of posts as the last few weeks have been rather hectic for me. I was in Manchester, for the UK meet, which I'll be going into more detail about in this post. Zombie Boyz came out on the 17th July with Wilde City. I've been reading the other two stories in the anthology, and let me just say they are sheer genius! So totally go check that out. Also received my galley proof for 'No Angel', which is scheduled for release on August 26th, so I've been slaving away to make sure there are no errors before I approve the final manuscript.

Anyway, onto the UK meet. I had a fantastic time meeting the people from Brighton 2012, and also making plenty of new friends. The events started on Friday with the early birds meeting up at the hotel bar for food and refreshments. The lovely ladies from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews were there, along with Blaine D. Arden, Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt, and so many others that I think I lost count.

Friday night's event was a meal at the Taurus Restaurant in the gay village. The staff there were all lovely, and they had some super hot waiters. Food was great, and I had quite a few glasses of red wine as no one at our end of the table seemed to be drinking it. Oops, tipsy Daniel.

Here I am at the restaurant. Photo taken by the awesomesauce Susan Lee. Of course, I took a few different t-shirts with me as I wouldn't want to ruin my reputation for the having the best t-shirts after last year. This one is probably my favourite. Just a shame I can't wear it half of the time.

Here we have Josephine Myles, one of the organisers with Nosheel, one of the waiters. He was amazing, and gave us some great advice for what clubs to go to on Canal Street. I did try and take a picture of the clubs, however the quality was really bad on my phone. I'm betting the cocktails I had after the meal probably didn't help in that respect.

I went on to visit Manchester's G.A.Y club, on my own unfortunately as the others wanted to be back at the hotel before it got light. Ended up at my room by 5am, and then had to be up for breakfast at 8am. Tired Daniel was very tired that day, and possibly still a little drunk. Thankfully, Charlie Cochrane was on hand with painkillers... and graciously announced to the whole conference during the introduction speech that I hadn't got back to my room until the early hours of the morning. I had quite a few people coming up to me that day to ask about my night out.

So, onto the events of the day. There were some great panels, including how to use social media, blogging, dealing with reviews, and the good old British vs. American debate. Lots of useful information in there. The afternoon was wrapped up by a book signing events, and an awesome keynote speech by Elisa Rolle who spoke about her introductions to the GLBTQ genre at a young age, and how she went on to blogging and posting her thoughts about the books she's read.

That night the vast majority of us headed down to the Richmond Tea Room for a buffet and some drinks. Many of us headed back to the hotel afterward and chilled out in the bar area, before heading off to bed in preparation for the next day's events.

Sunday kicked off with a panel on covering the full GLBTQIIADetcetc spectrum in fiction, and somehow ended up with me coming up with a new story idea. Damn, my mind. And sorry for talking over you Aleks, but there were some awesome points that came up. :)

I also went to a panel on humour in fiction, and novel endings/sequels/epilogues.  Before lunch, the gorgeous Marie Sexton gave us a lovely speech and some time for a Q&A session with her. And doesn't she look awesome in that dress? Yes, Ethan, she did give me that hug you asked of her. And no JP, she didn't spank me. Maybe next time after she's had some more wine ;)

The afternoon wound down with some more time at the bar before I left for my train that evening. Below you can see me with Blaine D. Arden chilling out. Note the ingenious marketing t-shirt I have on. Friday and Saturday were spent generating interest in what my next t-shirt would say, and then all of a sudden on Sunday, BANG, marketing t-shirt. Well, it would have been genius if I'd actually planned it.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend. I've made a lot of new friends, and met people who I'd only talked to online before. Hoping to see you all in Bristol for next year's meet, or Atlanta for GRL. There are way too many names to mention, so don't think I've forgotten about you if you haven't been mentioned above.

I just wanna say a big thank you to all the organisers for putting so much work into the event. For me, it was a great success. And if you ever need a minion to help out with stuff next year, I'm available. Hopefully we can get that BDSM workshop arranged, too.


jennysmum2000 said...

It was a fantastic weekend from arrival to departure. Roll on October :-)

Clare London said...

Great to meet you again! :)

Charlie Cochrane said...

Did I really announce that to the whole room? I go into gobmouth mode, sorry.

It was lovely to see you again.

Daniel A. Kaine said...

Lol, yes you did. It was when you were talking about the plans for lunch. You said I probably didn't want to think about food after my night out. I didn't mind.

Charlie Cochrane said...


Anonymous said...

The t-shirts are great and I think I have you to thank for having a Venezuelan character in a story I'm writing from the Buffet of Banter.

Daniel A. Kaine said...

Lol. Will he be as BIG as the Venezuelan guy I met though? :P

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