21 Aug 2013

'No Angel' Blog Tour Begins

There are less than five days left until my first release with Dreamspinner Press. To celebrate, I'll be visiting various blogs over the next two weeks talking about all sorts of topics, and answering questions about my life and books.

You may have noticed I've added a new widget to my blog called 'Latest News', where you can find links to some of the sites I'll scheduled to visit. It's over on the right hand sidebar. Or, you can also find it at the bottom of my home page.

The first post on my tour went live over on Sid Love yesterday. I posted on why I love to read and write in the paranormal genre, and gave some insight into how I came up with certain elements of my newest book, 'No Angel'. There's a short excerpt, and you can enter a giveaway to win an ebook copy, too!

Today's post will be at Chicks & Dicks, where I wrote a short piece of fiction about the events that led to the formation of the Albert Kennedy Trust, who I will be donating a portion of my royalties to.

There'll be no giveaway at the Chicks & Dicks site, but you can still enter to win a signed paperback copy by sharing the post on Facebook or Twitter and tagging me in the post. Hope you enjoy it, and I'll post the link once it goes live.


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