4 Jul 2014

Humans Are Twisted

I'm sure most people would agree, if asked, that I'm a very twisted individual - in a nice way, though. I may have some very dark thoughts, but I'd never actually turn round one day and decide to brutally murder someone. Instead, I write about it.

And I've come to the conclusion lately that it's not just me.  We're all twisted in some way - it's just hidden a little deeper in some people.

When I first started writing Slasherazzi, I knew it was going to be incredibly gory. I predicted that people would come away from reading it in a state of shock and disgust. Well, I was half right. People are coming away suitably shocked by what they read, but they seem to be feeling a sort of morbid fascination also, accompanied by a subtle hint of guilt. Not so much that they feel bad for reading it, but that they enjoyed it.

Let me share a couple of review excerpts...

"I kinda feel bad for saying this but it's great!"

"...it’s weird to say but these [murder] scenes are very well written."

In my eyes, humans are emotionally-driven creatures, and when you let your emotions really take control, that's when you start to do things you never thought yourself capable of. How many times have you heard of a person going into a blind rage and committing murder, then later regretting it? How many times have you had thoughts about wanting to kill someone? Inflict major bodily harm? Probably quite often.

But we, in the vast majority of cases, don't follow through on these acts because the rational part of our brain imposes a set of moral constraints. And let's face it, much of our morality these days is constructed by society. If we were still living nude in caves, I daresay we wouldn't hesitate nearly as much to kill someone for attempting to steal some of our food.

By nature we are savage, emotional beasts, and I think that part of us will always be there... lurking somewhere in the depths of our minds. Sure it's been suppressed - tamed - but that doesn't mean it's forgotten. And I think it's that part of our brain that Slasherazzi appeals to. It's that part that can't look away when there's a trainwreck, or has to go poke a dead body with a stick.

We're all twisted. And I think we're perfect just the way we are... just as long as you don't actually go out and start killing people. That would be bad.


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