1 Jan 2015

He Makes a List. When I Read Number 10? My Jaw Dropped.

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Is anyone else sick of all those posts you see around the Internet these days? You know, the ones where they lure you in with a title like this blog post's. It seems to be the new fad after the whole '53 year old Mom discovers weird wrinkle trick and Doctors hate her' thing.

I have to admit to being sucked in to clicking more than a few links because of the titles. But anyway, on to the real reason for this post. I did something similar at the end of last year, and I intend to keep on doing it every year. That is, to make a list of all the cool things that have happened to me in the past 365 days.

Resolutions have never really worked for me, and if I were to list all the ones I've actually completed, I would have an extremely short list. But even though I may not have accomplished the things I originally set out to do, that doesn't mean this last year hasn't been filled with lots of accomplishments. So I'm going to focus on those things instead. We should all celebrate our successes and use them to propel ourselves into 2015.

I listed 13 things last year, so I'm going to do 14 this time. So here we go, in no particular order.

1) I passed my driving test
This was a massive accomplishment for me. It's done wonders for my independence, and allowed me to avoid having to look for other employment following a change of office locations. Just being able to go out and about without worrying about the distance, or public transport has been so great. And I'm getting really good at this whole driving thing. Just the other day I successfully pulled away in third gear! Couldn't have done that six months ago.

2) Slasherazzi
No doubt by now you'll have heard about this one. I started writing this book in the summer of 2010, and it took me until January 2014 to finish writing it. As far as my writing career goes, I'd say this has to be my biggest accomplishment so far. The response to it has been mind-blowing for me. I never realised just how many readers would enjoy reading about graphic torture. You sick bastards :)

3) Got a permanent promotion at work
I've been trying to move up the ladder at work for some time, but always seemed to hit a brick wall. Thankfully, just earlier this month I found out the position I was seconded for since July has now been made permanent. I do like, and dare I say almost enjoy, this role a lot more than my previous one, so this news made me a very happy bunny. Now I just need confirmation that I've reached the next pay grade as well.

4) GayRomLit, Chicago
Another big moment for me. I've talked about this in other posts, but Chicago was a massive step forward for me. In the past I've always been quite reserved, and shied away from situations where I'm surrounded by lots of people. This year, I was able to overcome a lot of that anxiety and really put myself out there. I had a lot of fun meeting everyone who was there, and I think that shows in the pictures that were taken throughout the week. Can't wait for San Diego in 2015!

5) Rainbow Awards
This kinda links in with #2, Slasherazzi. For the first time I entered one of my books into the awards, and I was pleasantly surprised to make it through to the finals for the mystery/thrill category with an honourable mention. While I didn't place in the top 3, I'm still extremely happy to have made it as far as I did. Maybe next year I'll grab one of those top spots.

6) I made lots of new friends
This tends to happen after every GRL, but this year I added some really awesome people to my friends list, including someone I think may be my mind twin. Also glad to have met some great people at work following a change of departments too. You guys rock!

7) I discovered the joys of Cards Against Humanity
I seriously cannot understand how humanity has lived so long without this game. I first played this while in Chicago, and we had such a blast. I think part of that was probably down to the other players, but damn we could not stop laughing the whole way through. Best. Game. Ever.

8) I stuck to my goal of going to the gym more regularly
This is one of the few times I've actually managed one of my new year's resolutions. I may not have gone as often as I was hoping, but I did attend a lot more regularly and made some good progress. I even had more than one person comment on how the difference was noticeable, which made me feel very good about myself too.

9) I broke my personal best for running
So, in 2012 I started doing the C25K program. In February 2013, I managed a 10k run, and this was one of my accomplishments for last year's post. I haven't been doing as much running, but as my overall health has improved I've managed to go one step further and managed a 15k run. Next stop, a a half marathon!

10) I cooked something that actually resembled a meal
Most people who know me will be aware of the fact that I can't cook to save my life. When it comes to meal times, I'm usually all about convenience. I have those little bags of frozen veg that you can steam in the microwave for a few minutes, and I generally add to that something that can just sit in the oven for 15-30 minutes. Well, this year I decided to branch out and made some seasoned chicken with rice and vegetables. It's a far cry from appearing in Gordon Ramsay's restaurants, but it's progress!

11) I spent less time playing video games than any other year
Yes, I do love to play video games. I've played many over the years, but recently I've been into online games, which as many people will know, are a giant time sink. This year, I seem to have kicked my habit. I do still play, but a lot more casually than I used to. Still not entirely sure where all my times goes, though. Might be a mix of Tumblr and watching animes...

12) I learned to be more comfortable with myself
I guess this partly explains why I was able to be more relaxed at GRL this year. Personally, I think this comes down to the fact that I've been able to spend more time exploring who I am, particularly as a submissive. I just feel more at home in my own skin, and much happier overall. I even managed to take a few selfies over the year and spent less time avoiding cameras. Still not completely over my aversion to photos though.

13) I survived another year of being me
Yup. This one's always a massive accomplishment. Another year of Daniel in the bag, and one year closer to my plans of world domination. Soon...

14) I set myself up for a great 2015
While I may have achieved a fair few things this year, I've planned to make next year even better. I've already got myself organised to have at least two books out next year. No firm dates yet, but you'll all hear as soon as I find out. Got some exciting projects lined up, including some witches, and a perverted amphibious shapeshifter dude. 2015 is going to be all about productivity.

I'm planning to continue heading to the gym and getting into shape, hopefully completing that half marathon. I'm going to make plenty of new friends. And, of course, I'll advance my plans to take over the world.

I know I kinda stretched for those last two accomplishments, but I'll need 15 for next year's post. Go go go!


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